Why strengthening expertise is essential for sustainable development ?

The future of the Caribbean islands is closely linked to their capacity to achieve Sustainable Development Objectives. A crucial step in this process lies in the autonomous production and dissemination of scientific knowledge to guide public policy. This knowledge is not only necessary to deal with global and local challenges, such as loss of biodiversity, climate change, or poverty reduction, but also to understand the links between them.

Cutting-edge science and technology, training and conservation biology

Education, scientific research and access to technological advances all play major roles in the production of knowledge to promote sustainable development. The development of scientific expertise in conservation biology within the Caribbean islands combined with raising the general population’s awareness of environmental challenges must be the two pillars on which strategies to preserve the rich natural resources of the Caribbean island are constructed.

Forming partnerships to maintain biodiversity in the Caribbean islands

Wherever possible, we forge collaborations with public and private institutions to provide operational, technical or financial support in the context of shared projects. Our local partners are the best guarantors of the relevance and success of our actions.

Our funding partners

Our project partners

Social, ethnic and gender equality

Caribaea Initiative is particularly concerned with promoting social, ethnic, and gender equality within its projects and through its actions. For the future, it is essential that the scientific expertise reflect the diversity of the human populations present in the Caribbean islands.