Caribaea Campus is a network supported by Caribaea Initiative at the local level, particularly in Guadeloupe (Caribaea Campus Gwadloup) and Cuba (Caribaea Campus Cuba).


The purpose of the network is to make Caribbean students aware of environmental protection and biodiversity conservation, to help them find internships and to better inform them about the careers available in the field of conservation. It thus works in favour of the preservation of the natural heritage and biodiversity within the insular Caribbean through education and the development of naturalist and scientific knowledge and by promoting communication and collaboration between young Caribbean university students sharing the same interests.

In Guadeloupe, the association already has a dozen student members, enrolled at the Université des Antilles in biology degrees ranging from the first year of a bachelor's degree to the second year of a master's degree. These students will benefit from various actions aimed in particular at improving the dissemination of knowledge related to biodiversity and the management of animal populations in the insular Caribbean. These actions concern the organization of naturalist and scientific trips, workshops and seminars, assistance to the students in their search for internships in ecology and conservation biology and in the design of their scientific or naturalist projects, support for their participation at national and regional colloquiums or congresses, or raising awareness among secondary school students via forums, fairs, or directly within schools.


Events to come :

  • Presentation of the PhD research of Annabelle Vidal
  • Presentation of the PhD research of Jeffey Paul Mackenzy
  • Presentation seminar of the MERCI project on invasive exotic reptile species


Past events :

  • Naturalist field trip on bird monitoring techniques in a dry forest of Guadeloupe (learn more)
  • Ornithological field trip in a tropical rainforest, with the observation of the Guadeloupe Woodpecker, the only endemic bird of the island
  • Participation in a research project with the survey of audio and camera traps (learn more)