Since 2016, we have organised the "Caribaea Initiative Research & Conservation Conference" where students, scientists and managers working on the fauna of the Caribbean islands can meet.

This annual meeting is the only one of its kind in the Caribbean islands, the conference is gaining in renown as a forum for exchange and discussion around a shared vision for preservation of animal biodiversity in the Antilles and where the capacity for local expertise is further strengthened. Every year the scientific programme includes several sessions addressing various aspects of the study and conservation of Caribbean fauna, and mini-symposia on a particular topic.

Every year, the Dawn AT Phillip award is attributed to the best student talk. Winners of previous years: Rachel Batista-Alvarez (2018); Christopher Cambrone (2019).

The Covid-19 epidemic has forced us to suspend our annual conferences. We are delighted to be able to organize them again in 2024, in the form of a reinforcement and training workshop.

Upcoming conferences

Kicking off on June 3rd 2024, our 3-day Caribaea Initiative Training and Reinforcement Workshop focuses on developing foundational skills in conservation biology for post-graduate students, researchers in their early career and wildlife technicians living in the insular Caribbean. This is a unique opportunity to update your knowledge, discover new techniques, and exchange with research scientists and conservationists working in the region.

Past conferences

4th Caribaea Initiative Research & Conservation Conference
Crowne Plaza, Dominican Republic // 15 - 17 May 2019
Co-organized with The School of Biology – Universidad Autónoma de Santo Domingo

3rd Caribaea Initiative Research & Conservation Workshop
Creole Beach Hotel, Guadeloupe // 28 May – 01 June, 2018
Co-organized with the Université des Antilles

2nd Caribaea Initiative Research & Conservation Workshop
Marriott St Kitts Resort, Saint-Kitts // 31 May – 04 June, 2017
Co-organized with Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine

1st Caribaea Initiative Research & Conservation Workshop
Centre International de Séjour, Martinique // 22 - 24 March, 2016
“Animal invasive species in the Antilles: the relevance of scientific research to conservation”