Caribaea Initiative contributes to the conservation of Caribbean-endemic bird species through research programs aiming at providing reliable information on population trends, habitat selection, behaviour, genetic differentiation and movements between islands, and health status of several species, particularly those exposed to strong hunting pressure and habitat destruction.

Caribbean-endemic species are exposed to many threats, such as habitat loss, invasive exotic species, global change and unregulated hunting. We developed many projects dedicated to birds, an important group in the insular Caribbean where about 700 bird species can be observed, including 190 endemic species. Projects on other species, such as amphibians, are also in preparation.

Projects in progress

Eleutherodactylus bartonsmithi © Sergio del Castillo Domínguez

A soundscape approach for the acoustic monitoring of the Critically Endangered Cuban frog, Eleutherodactylus bartonsmithi Schwartz

Cuba Master project
  • Mariam Curbelo Cruz (Cuba)

Patagioenas leucocephala © Anthony Levesque
Patagioenas leucocephala © Anthony Levesque

Population biology and population genetics of the White-crowned Pigeon, Patagioenas leucocephala, and the Scaly-naped Pigeon, P. Squamosa, in the insular Caribbean

Guadeloupe PhD project
  • Christopher Cambrone (Guadeloupe)

Geotrygon mystaceca © Frantz Delcroix
Geotrygon mystaceca © Frantz Delcroix

Spatial variation in the occurrence and relative abundance of four gamebird species in Guadeloupe

Guadeloupe PhD project
  • Aurélie Jean-Pierre (Guadeloupe)

Turdus swalesi © Dax Roman E
Turdus swalesi © Dax Roman E

Population biology and population genetics of the La Selle Thrush, Turdus swalesi

Haïti PhD project
  • Jean-Marry Exantus (Haiti)

Completed projects

Use of camera traps to assess the influence of environmental factors on the presence and relative abundance of the Forest Thrush, Turdus lherminieri, in Guadeloupe

Guadeloupe Master project
  • Lens Jerry Saint-Louis (Haiti)

Contribution to the study of the White-breasted Thrasher, Ramphocinclus brachyurus, in Martinique

Martinique Master project
  • Steven Son (Martinique)