St. Vincent emergency: rescue the wildlife from the eruptions

The recent and upcoming volcanic eruptions on St. Vincent are tragic for local populations and for the extraordinary biodiversity of the island. Caribaea Initiative teams-up with other organizations to bring immediate help as well as long-term actions to help the population of Saint-Vincent and its natural heritage to recover from the disaster.

Saint Vincent is home to a rich fauna, comprising many species. One of the most remarkable is the Saint Vincent amazon (Amazona guildingii), a brightly colored parrot that is only found on this island. Other species such as the whistling warbler (Catharopeza bishopi), a passerine bird, the Saint Vincent frog (Pristimantis shrevei) or the Saint Vincent blacksnake (Chironius vincenti), are also endemic to Saint Vincent. Their immediate and long-term protection, including through restoration and preservation of their habitat, is thus of major importance.

In addition to our actions, all donations made to Caribaea Initiative until August 31, 2021 will be used to support the Forestry Department of St. Vincent & the Grenadines. Do not hesitate to donate, any participation will be of great help! Thank you for your generous support!

At the beginning of May, Caribaea Initiative sent supplies to start field expeditions: masks, chainsaws, walkie-talkies, binoculars, headlamps, water packs... Our members Aurélie Jean-Pierre and Christopher Cambrone helped with their transport.