The biodiversity of the insular Caribbean is only partially known, and several new species remain to be discovered, particularly among invertebrates or in geographical areas that has been seldom prospected.

Besides, understanding the factors that influence species richness and diversity in ecosystems is of paramount importance in conservation biology. Research in this area combines adapted sampling methods with sophisticated statistical tools. Another important aspect of community ecology is to understand the mechanisms and processes determining species coexistence.

Several of our projects contribute to increase knowledge about biodiversity in the insular Caribbean through revealing the existence of new species and documenting patterns of species richness and diversity at different time and geographical scales.

Projects in progress

Gambusia affinis © NOZO

The ecology of native and introduced Poecilid fishes in Jamaican freshwater ecosystems and evaluation of the predictors of species distribution and invasion potential.

Jamaica PhD project
  • Kerri-Ann Bennett (Jamaica)

Completed projects

Catharus bicknelli

Vegetation structure of Bicknell's Thrush's wintering habitats in Sierra de Bahoruco National Park, Dominican Republic

République dominicaine Master project
  • Lemuel Familia Rodriguez (Dominican Republic)

Butorides virescens © Hans Hillewaert / CC BY-SA 4.0

Use of camera traps to quantify the population of birds in the forest of Poyen, a Biological Reserve in Guadeloupe

Guadeloupe Master project
  • Leila Palmyre (Guadeloupe)

Procyon lotor © Quartl / CC BY-SA 3.0

Use of camera traps to quantify the population of mammals within the forest of Poyen

Guadeloupe Master project
  • Sandy Sébastien (Guadeloupe)

Species richness and diversity of Odonata assemblages in Haiti in relation to the quality of freshwater habitats

Haïti PhD project
  • Pierre Michard Beaujour (Haiti)

Ecological drivers of species radiation in livebearing fishes of the genus Limia (Teleostei, Poeciliidae) in the Greater Antilles

Les Grandes Antilles PhD project
  • Rodet Rodriguez-Silva (Cuba)

Phyllonycteris poeyi © Raimundo López-Silvero
Phyllonycteris poeyi © Raimundo López-Silvero

Evaluation of effectiveness of current Protected Areas for conservation of bats diversity priority zones in the insular Caribbean

Cuba Master project
  • Saul González Rosales (Cuba)

The importance of natural and artificial wetlands for wintering and migrating waterbirds in Haïti

Haïti Ingénieur Agronome project
  • Lens Jerry Saint-Louis (Haiti)

Diversity and level of endemism of Arctiinae (Lepidoptera: Erebidae) in relation to the diversity and level of endemism of the vegetation in Western Cuba

Cuba Master project
  • Claudia Loiz (Cuba)

Determinants of habitat use in cleaner gobies (Elacatinus prochilos and E. evelynae) in Barbados

Barbade Master project
  • Jeniece Germain (Trinidad & Tobago)