• Launch of the REVPOL project in favour of urban pollinators

    The Caribbean islands are currently considered as one of the most important biodiversity hotspots, but also as one of the most threatened in the world. Among the many declining species, pollinators and the endemic plants associated with them face a very particular threat: that of exotic plants, which can become invasive.

    Many exotic flowers have been deliberately introduced into the…

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  • Mangrove crabs and bacteria: a symbiosis on the gills

    In the Caribbean, mangroves constitute unique coastal ecosystems harbouring a diverse marine and terrestrial fauna. Some of these animals establish symbiotic associations with bacteria, such as molluscs, nematodes or even jellyfish. Recent findings in other mangroves around the world suggest that such associations may also be found in some crustaceans. A fact that was just confirmed in a new…

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