• A soundscape approach to learn more about a critically endangered Cuban frog

    The Cuban archipelago hosts more than 70 species of frogs and toads, the high majority of them being endemic. This biodiversity is at risk, with an estimated 80% of amphibians being threatened in the island. Among them, the Cuban frog Eleutherodactylus bartonsmithi, which is considered as critically endangered, is only found in an extremely restricted distribution range, limited to…

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  • Looking for anole lizards: A mission in Dominica

    A new mission has just ended in Dominica. Although conducted for scientific purposes, the mission was also a great human adventure in this island that is referred “The Nature Island of the Caribbean” in reference to its exceptional conservation. Here is the story of a week dedicated to anoles. Continue reading

  • Blood or saliva: In birds, the DNA sampling method matters

    In the study of many species, DNA samples provide valuable data. In birds, DNA is often extracted from blood samples, a method that requires a potentially stressful handling for the animal. DNA extracted from saliva could offer a good compromise under certain conditions, as shown by a comparison of the two methods in the White-crowned pigeon.

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