• Geneva Launch Event

    To celebrate the launch of the association Caribaea Initiative - Suisse, a dinner was organised in Geneva, in the presence of the Honorary President of Caribaea Initiative, Vera Michalski-Hoffmann. Our guests were welcomed in a historic building, in the heart of the old town. On the program: Caribbean cocktails in front of a photo exhibition of Caribbean wildlife, presentation of the association by our President Jean-Paul Paddack, videos about our projects created especially for the occasion, and a dinner with a menu that took our guests on a journey to the Caribbean. Our students were represented on site by Claudia Loiz, PhD student from Cuba, supported by video testimonials recorded for the occasion by Nicole Atherley, from Barbados, and Christopher Cambrone, from Guadeloupe, both Doctors in Biology thanks to the support of Caribaea Initiative.

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    The event was organised with the support of Blue Heron Productions and Mary Hofstetter, fundraising consultant.

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  • Of turtles and men: Immersion in Haiti in the footsteps of Trachemys decorata

    In the middle of Lake Trou Caiman in Haiti, Jeffey checks his daily catch for the 40th day in a row. In the net he set up several weeks ago, a turtle with a dark green neck marbled with yellow is trapped. After being examined and measured, it will be released into the lake, but others are not so…

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