Interactions between host species and various symbiotic, parasitic or pathogenic organisms play a central role in regulating communities. Symbiotic and parasitic organisms can act as ecosystem engineers, whereas pathogenic ones can regulate natural populations, reduce the value of commercial species, or affect the global health of ecosystems, including that of human populations.

The recent economic and social crisis associated with the COVID 19 pandemic is a good illustration of the need to engage more in the study of symbiotic, parasitic and pathogenic interactions in the wild, particularly in relation with global change. Several of our projects contribute to increase knowledge in this area.

Completed projects

Pathogens and diseases of crustacean species of commercial interest in the insular Caribbean

Saint-Kitts-and-Nevis PhD project
  • Nicole Atherley (Barbados)

Characterization of bacterial ectosymbionts colonizing gills and endophragm of mangrove crabs in Guadeloupe

Guadeloupe PhD project
  • Naëma Beziat (Guadeloupe)